This page contains old documents retained in the archive (most recent at top)

Agenda for Areas Council 17th March 2022
BMFA Governance Stucture
Guide to Area Constitution
Minutes from the Area meeting held 16th Sept 2021
Area meeting agenda 6th Jan 2022
2022 Dates for your diary
Area officials contact details
Proposal for a grant for Cub Scouts visit to IVCMAC
Impington Indoor FF Public Open Day 3rd April 2022
BMFA 2021 AGM briefing note
Committee members reports and financial statement for 2021 AGM
Calling notice for AGM 2021
Minutes from the AGM 2020
Agenda for area meeting to be held on 16th Sept 2021
Meeting minutes 22nd April 2021
Meeting minutes 7th January 2021
Area support for local events
Diary dates revised 22nd April 2021
Dates for your Diary 2021
Agenda for area meeting to be held on 22nd April 2021
Calling notice and agenda for area meeting on 7th Jan 2021
Minutes from the area meeting held on 10th Sept 2020
Chairmans notes from the BMFA AGM held on 14th Nov 2020
Calling Notice and Agenda for AGM 2020
AGM 2019 Minutes
Chairmans Report 2020
Secretarys Report 2020
Competition Secretarys Report 2020
Webmasters Report 2020
Achievement Scheme Coordinators Report 2020
Area Examiners Reports 2020
Accounts 2019 to 2020
Meeting minutes 12th March 2020
ACE Approval form Jon Land
Role of the East Anglia Area – discussion document
Meeting minutes 9th January 2020
BMFA Calendar for 2020